Our Pay it Forward Story

Our Pay it Forward Story

A nonprofit organization needed a laptop to accomplish their goals and keep their after-school program thriving. They heard about TrikleTrade and were eager to become a member recognizing that we offered a way to connect and collaborate with a larger audience outside of their immediate community.  Once they joined and created their profile, they posted a request for the laptop.  A TrikleTrade member saw the listing, reached out, and donated the laptop. In return, the nonprofit recipient answered the request of another nonprofit organization. This time the request was for blankets for a children’s shelter. Girls in the recipient’s after school dance program hand-made blankets and donated them to the shelter. This all happened because they found each other on the TrikleTrade website and believed enough in the idea of ‘paying it forward’ that they put it into action. The smallest things are sometimes the things that have the biggest impact. This is just one of many ‘pay if forward’ stories that are circulating not only within the TrikleTrade community, but also around the country. 

‘Pay it forward’ is not a new concept.  It is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed, repaying that deed forward to others instead of back to the original benefactor.  ‘Pay it forward’ can be traced back to 1916, when Lily Hardy Hammond coined the phrase in her book, ‘In the Garden of Delight’.

Fast-forward eighty years later.  Catherine Ryan Hyde authored a novel in 1999, entitled ‘Pay it Forward’, which in turn spurred the Pay it Forward Foundation and the ‘Pay it Forward’ movie both in 2000.

Over the years, the ‘pay it forward’ concept has not languished.  There are many stories of people coming to the aid of someone without any expectation of payback.  Instead, there is an expectation to pay forward the act of kindness to someone else.

TrikleTrade was borne out of such a pay it forward story.  In 2008, the TrikleTrade concept began to take shape within the mind of one of the co-founders because of a family ‘pay it forward’ story that had been passed down for fifty years from one generation to the next.  The story relayed how the grandparents of the co-founder was on a cross-country car trek from the Warner Robbins Air Force base in Georgia, to an air force base in Anchorage, Alaska when their car broke down in the frozen tundra of northern Canada.  With a young child in the car and absolutely no one around to come to their aid, they were not sure of how they were going to proceed.  Out of nowhere, someone appeared and helped get the car running again.  When the grandfather offered to pay him for his help, he responded, “No, I just want you to ‘pay it forward’ to ten other people", and out of gratitude he did.   Not only was the gratitude passed forward in the form of good deeds, but also this experience completely transformed how the family viewed ‘neighbor’ and the meaning of ‘community’.  This transformation was imbedded in each new generation through good deeds in the community.

In January 2011, the parent company of TrikleTrade was co-founded and the work to develop a site that would offer a person-to-person platform for connection, communication and collaboration, AND inspiration began. launched June of 2012.  Today, we continue to grow in the ‘pay if forward’ movement and to expand our influence.