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Climbing a Mountain Inspires a Ginormous Act of Kindness

Sep 9

Written by: Douglas Goddard
9/9/2017 1:34 AM  RssIcon

Killing Kilimanjaro, Vern Jones and his family successfully scaled the 4,900-meter mountain in Tanzania, Africa with a little help from a local guide.

Jones noticed two things during his journey up the mountainside. First, his guide had scaled the mountain in tennis shoes adding another layer of danger to an already unsafe job. After asking more questions, Jones also learned his guide made less than $10 per hour.

Secondly, he and his family wanted some sort of memento to mark the occasion once they arrived at the top. However, merchandise was not available. His solution, he founded Kili Summit Club, joining the market place of socially conscious companies.

Kili Summit Club is a place where people share pictures and stories of their climb, but can also buy merchandise like cups, t-shirts, and jackets (also known as bragging gear). The proceeds go to porters and guides, allowing them access to better equipment and pay.

“Everyone who attempts this challenge knows the value of the incredible men from Tanzania who lead us up the mountain, carry our supplies, prepare our food, provide medical assistance, and sing encouragement for us every step of the climb. We know that no successful summit would be possible without their assistance, support and companionship.”

Vern Jones saw a need in society and applied is knowledge and skills to find a solution and we applaud him!

TrikleTrade is a pay it forward site and we encourage our members to utilize their talents to give forward just like Vern Jones. Each action, whether big or small, makes a difference.

If you’re inspired by this story and want to be a part of a network of people paying it forward, join today!

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Re: Climbing a Mountain Inspires a Ginormous Act of Kindness

There is something lowering about mountains. Possibly it's their tall and gaudy appearance or the underlying terrorizing when you get an eyeful of it. At the end of the day, the most lowering part is the feeling of achievement that you get in the wake of climbing one.

By College Homework Help on   11/14/2017 2:49 AM

Re: Climbing a Mountain Inspires a Ginormous Act of Kindness

In my opinion, climbing on Kilimanjaro or any other mountain it is not only a ginormous act of kindness. I think, it is our own way, like in real life - sometimes it is easy, sometimes there will be many holes and hills and it will be harder to breathe, but at the top you will get your prize, you will reach your dream. it is a symbol of power, achievementsof goals and your own importance. For some people it is also a great way to find themselves or to forget some problems or tragedies. Everyone can make a choise how to think and what to do - all in your hands. All you need - find your power inside of your soul and heart and this way will be much easier for you, find good friends which will help you and go with you to the end and you will reach this top of the mountain.

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