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Post-Its for Pizza, Paying It Forward One Slice At A Time

Aug 25

Written by: Douglas Goddard
8/25/2017 2:26 AM  RssIcon

When we think of random acts of kindness we often think of individuals stepping up to help other individuals in our neighborhood. However, sometimes acts of kindness happen from businesses as well. Take a look at this social, responsible company and how they used their product to impact thousands of people in their community.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia owned by Mason Wartman, feeds the cities growing homeless population through the act of paying it forward.

Rosa customers have the opportunity to pre-pay $1.00 for a sticky note. These post-its, with hand-written words of love and inspiration from customers, are then placed on the walls inside the shop where homeless community members are welcome to come in and redeem a note for a hot fresh slice of pizza at any time.

"We don't always have a chance to come in and get fresh, hot food whenever we can. And for people to donate money towards slices of pizza for us really made a change in Philadelphia," said one community member helped by Rosa’s Fresh Pizza.

Another man helped by the Rosa’s Fresh Pizza Pay it Forward Program was so inspired by the act of kindness, several months after landing a job and getting settled, he returned to pre-pay for a piece of pizza and pay it forward.

Currently the shop and its customers have paid forward over 10,000 slices of pizza to hungry community members. How cool is that!

Feel inspired by this story but don’t know how you can make a difference and pay it forward, read these random acts of kindness ideas to get you started and then join TrikleTrade and pay it forward!

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